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Rosemary T Fox, BSN, MBA

Founder, Partner

I have been a healthcare leader for 30+ years in the San Francisco Bay Area. I began my health career as a graduate of Nursing from the University of San Francisco. I became a commissioned officer in USPHS, assigned to Fort Defiance, New Mexico.  It was this opportunity that influenced my philosophy on delivery of care. Opening my eyes to having an understanding of the people and their needs to thrive.  I learned to - Be creative and embrace innovation

Next, I worked at the USPHS hospital where I cared for military families and merchant marines.  Each group had a unique culture that required clinical expertise and education to help them learn and understand how to maintain their health.  I realized I needed to -Continue to grow and learn

I then received a Masters in Business Administration from Golden Gate University.  Opening business opportunities where I could articulate solutions and options to improve and impact patient care. The blend of clinical competency and business acumen are the elements to a successful delivery of quality and affordable care. I was able to - Make decisions using both brain and heart

I went to work for a managed care provider. Changing the focus away from the individual service to the “total” person concept. Knowing that each decision had larger, impact on the patient’s outcome. Prevention took on a new meaning and value to both the patient and the health system. It taught me to - Be proactive and anticipate next move

My next endeavor was hospital operations. Understanding the multiple demands of the leader taught me many lessons from you can't do it alone, to respect for all customers, to how to tackle the economic challenges and serve the people; community, management, physicians, staff, patients, and family. I learned to - Build teams with common goals; work together to achieve solutions

I wanted to try something different, so I became COO for not-for-profit dialysis provider.  This experience gave me an appreciation for a mission driven and values based company. The blend of high quality and standardization is what allowed the company to practice change and collaboration.  Physicians and staff were the key to delivery of patient focused service. I was able to - Act on vision and demonstrate mission and values

A new vision…The creation of SWOT Health is affording me the opportunity to encourage companies and people to assess and see if they are clear about their goals and how to achieve them. Healthcare is evolving quickly, therefore organizations need to advocate their unique qualities and define themselves so others can embrace their vision.

Organization is organic… it changes and grows. Let's connect to so I can help you grow and become achieve your vision.


BS Nursing, University San Francisco 

MBA, Golden Gate University



Board Member, National Kidney Foundation-Northern California

Commissioned Officer, USPHS Corps

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